Tropical fish & Shrimps

Welcome the Wet thumbs aquatics.  A website about tropical fish and shrimp.  The primary focus of this website is micro fish and different fish species that you can keep with shrimp.  We focus on small planted aquariums.  Aquarium that are pieces of art.

We will primarily provide information about the plants and livestock that you can keep it a small aquarium.  If you want to know more about aquascaping then there are better website that you can visit.

What is a micro fish?

The answer to this question can vary a little depending on who you asked. Some would say that a micro species is a fish that grows to be smaller then 1 inch. I do however think that restriction is a little to strict and when i am talking about micro fish I am referring to species that grows to be no bigger than 2 inch. In some cases i might include species that can grow larger but that normally stay smaller than 5 inch.  You can read more about other larger tropical fish species here.

peacock gobyA perfect example of an interesting micro fish is the peacock goby.

Why keep micro fish?

There are many different reason to choose micro fish. They can be kept in small aquariums and most of them will leave the plants and decor alone. Many larger species will dig and molest plants making it hard to keep a highly scaped aquascape. This is not a problem with small fish. They live in the environment you provide them with. They do not try to change it. Even if they do try to change it they will make very small changes that might not even be noticeable.

Another benefit of micro fish is that many of them are easy to keep with shrimp. Many larger species consider shrimp to be food and can therefore not be kept with shrimp.

Why keep shrimp?

Shrimp are fascinating creatures. They add an extra dimension to the tank. There are a lot of very colorful shrimp available to keep in freshwater aquarium. They range from the very popular red cherry shrimp to shrimp in a lot of other colors such as blue shrimp, orange shrimp, yellow shrimp, black shrimp, bumblebee shrimp and so on. You can find shrimp in almost any color you want. There is also a lot of different multicolored shrimps. Some species are cheap while other can be very expensive to buy.

Shrimps will help you keep your aquarium and your aquascape clean. They will eat leftover food and will help keep the plants free of algae.

Not suitable for beginners

Micro tanks and not a good option for beginner fish keepers.  Small fish tanks are harder to care for than larger tank.  A larger tank has larger buffers and small mistakes are less likely to do any real damage.  Your first aquarium should be at-least 20 gallon.  Preferable double that.  Do not keep a micro tank unless you already kept an aquarium for at least a year.

Keep a micro tank does not have to be hard but it is good if you know enough to be able to avoid typical beginner mistakes.